It’s Greek to Me

By Pamela A. Scott

Yesterday I sat through a 45-minute presentation where I understood next to nothing. The guy might as well have been speaking Greek, which I don’t understand.

I was supposed to walk away from the presentation understanding what his business does and what his business model is. Didn’t happen.

When we write or talk to others about our business, we talk from what we know and understand. We throw in technical terms and acronyms. We assume our reader or listener follows us.

Doesn’t happen. Learn More »

10 Success Tips for Presenters

By Drew Stevens, Ph.D.

One of the most daunting daily tasks for many business professionals is attending and facilitating a meeting. Statistics show that 66% of meetings fail for two major reasons a lack of focus and lack of structure. Both issues derive from the lack of strategy. Meetings are tactical and as such defensive. More importantly some meeting are wasteful and boring. However, there are several rules for operating an effective meeting.

1. Objective – Ensure a successful meeting by developing a meeting objective. The facilitator of the meeting needs to answer three questions:

  1. Who do I require at the meeting?
  2. Why do I need them?
  3. What decisions do I need them for? Learn More »

I Sure Told Them…

By Jeff Justice, CSP

I stopped at a minimart for gas and a Coke on my way to the airport. I was standing behind a man at the counter — he was about my height but a big, muscular, workout kinda guy. He was trying to buy a pack of gum with a hundred dollar bill. The woman at the cash register gave him her best you’re an-idiot look and said, “I don’t have enough change for that.” And he snarled, “Well, go get it!” She said, “I can’t leave the register because the manager’s not here.”

The guy was really giving her a hard time. And finally she told him, “Do us both a favor and stand off to the side. Let me take care of the customer behind you because you’re holding him up.” I’m thinking, “Oh, great! Now Godzilla’s going to look at me.” He turned and said, “Hey, Mac, am I holding you up?” I was mad, and I said, “Yeah, pal, you are holding me up. As a matter of fact, you’ve been rude to this young lady. You apologize to her right now or I’m gonna take you outside and kick your tail!” Well, to myself I said that. To him I said, “Oh, no-o-o-o — take your time! I’ve got all day, pal. Boy, she’s got some snotty attitude, doesn’t she?” Learn More »

Want To Improve Your Presentations? How About a Music Recital?

By Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D.

David is a manager at a global publishing company. He has been a participant in a seminar series I am conducting with his organization. After we covered the topic of mastering public speaking, he shared his experience and suggestions by email.

“I am considered an introvert and I am transitioning to a leadership role,” he said.

“The ironic thing for me is that my position requires a lot of public speaking, training and facilitating in meetings. This is not very difficult for me now, nor has it been from the start. I will say that it can be very draining, and very often I will withdraw from the public for hours or the rest of the day after long meetings or training sessions. I dine alone, or take two hour naps to recharge. Learn More »

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