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Information Request – Leadership Challenges for PMPs

I am conducting interviews and research in preparation for a keynote and would like to solicit your candid feedback regarding these 3 questions:

1. What are the top 3 challenges today for PMPs?

2. What is the 1 critical Leadership skill that you possess that makes you successful during these challenging times?

3. As a leader, what do you “get” that your top leadership does NOT seem to “get”? ex: We’ve all heard (or, said) “they just don’t get it” or “if they would just listen to us.”

For my own benefit, who was the best speaker you have ever heard speak and why?

I appreciate your time to share your insights.

Warm regards,

Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt) – Founder

Password Managers

By Tom Kellen

A month or so ago I wrote about some tricks for making easy to remember, but hard to guess passwords.  The reality of today’s technical age is that we have to access WAAAY to many sites to easily remember passwords for if you are really using different passwords for different sites.

The best way to over come this obstacle is to use a “password management” program.  These programs remember your usernames and passwords for you.  They store the password in an encrypted file secured by, you guessed it, a password.  The great thing is that you really only need to remember the one password that secures the program since it is remembering all of your other passwords.
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David Nour Discusses Social Networking and Job Hunting On Good Day Atlanta

David Nour talks about how to use the social networking tools (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) to help you find a job — either pitching yourself or researching companies.

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Fat, Dumb & Happy is a Choice!

By David Nour

I recently had lunch with a colleague – let’s call him Bob, and couldn’t help but to make some general observations – not being judgmental, simply the blatant obvious: Bob has become fat, dumb & happy – and I’d submit by choice! You see, Bob came up with an interesting idea in the mid 80s and became very engaged in consulting with global companies of varying sizes and industries. For the past two decades Bob has milked every possible angle you can imagine on this simple (and at its height, unique and powerful) idea.

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