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3 Steps To Move Forward With Your Project

by Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt)

Today we are going to share three simple steps you can take during project planning to alleviate analysis paralysis and move towards job completion. In essence, during planning we are trying to come up with a course of action to get us from Project Planning in 3 StepsPoint A—defining scope and objectives, to Point B—the end objective of the assignment. The assumption is that the initiating has already started and you are working with an authorized project charter that authorizes you as the PM to even begin working on the planning. A lot of times we get ahead of ourselves and begin planning before authorization. So just to be clear, there should be a charter in place with an approved high-level budget and scope, timeline and resources before you are tasked with planning. Once you are, the following three steps will help you move forward:

  1. Create Project Plan (Mobilize Templates). The project plan boils down all the different areas of work, how it is to be done and who is going to do it. We lay out processes so that the team, stakeholders and change control board know how to deliver the project. Organizations, executives and shareholders of projects are looking for things to be done quickly in a synchronized way, so when we talk about mobilizing it means to get your templates in place hopefully prior to the planning but for sure in planning, to be able to begin working on your project plan. You don’t want to start developing templates from scratch.
  2. Breakdown Deliverables (Socialize Input). The project charter contains some type of scope or objective, so now we break that scope down into deliverables that have to be produced. By socializing between all of our team members we collaborate more effectively to get the input of others on our team. We use that information to determine the dependencies, critical path, issues, risk and resources required for this project. We also create a timeline that shows how long it will take to get the project done. Learn More »

The Thought Awareness Tool

by Don Goewey

Here is something we all need to know: Peace is neurological power; a dynamic state of peace literally builds a powerful brain.  Stress, on the other hand, shrinks and The Thought Awareness Tooldamages higher brain networks, inhibiting our potential to succeed at life.

Peace is clearly an internal matter, and so is stress. Both must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward. It is from an anxious, worried mind that a stressful perception of the world arises. Equally, it is from your peace of mind that a stress-free experience of life arises.

Here is  a proven tool that starts the process of building the dynamically peaceful attitude that builds a great brain:

Practice this throughout the day, until your pattern of stress changes:

1. Be aware of stressful, fearful thoughts, anxiety-provoking situations, “offending” personalities or events, or anything else that provokes in you stressful, unkind, hostile, or pessimistic thoughts. Note them all casually, whenever they occur. Notice the way these thoughts morph into negative emotions that produce a perception of threat.

Initially, as you look at a negative thought or feeling, don’t try to change it. Simply observe it. If you criticize, blame, or condemn yourself for thinking and feeling negatively, simply observe this as another negative thought. Learn More »

Leadership Starts With a Vision

by Rob “Waldo” Waldman, Lt. Col., CSP

Knowing your long and short-term objectives, having a solid focus on where you’re going along with the flight plan to get there is a fundamental to success in any venture.

Waldo Waldman, Lt. Col. CSPBut what about others’ vision of you? As a leader, how do your co-workers employees and customers see you? Will they follow you when times are tough?

George Patton once said, “You’re always on parade.” What you say, how you say it, and how others view you really counts when it comes to enrolling people to support your vision. Without a team of supporting wingmen who trust you and your vision, achieving your vision will be next to impossible. Learn More »

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