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If you are a Cisco contractor or small firm that can do a local network assessment and recommendations for 3 Cisco 3750 catalysts, please contact Kathy Miller, PMP at 404-915-7862.  Kathy is a valued and trusted business relationship of mine and I ask that you please do not inappropriately contact her if you are not qualified for this specific opportunity.

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How do You Prepare for Next Year as a Project Manager?

It’s no surprise that things slow down as the end of the year approaches. Well-deserved vacations and days off are a welcome change from our hectic routines. It’s also a time to clean-up, gear-up, and step-up for the beginning of next year. It gives us the opportunity to clean off our desktops (both literal as well as our computers), and catch-up on paperwork and administrative tasks that may have been neglected.

What are some of the things you do as a Project Manager to close out this year and prepare for the next?

What is your Process for Capturing Lessons Learned?

In theory, capturing lessons learned at the end of a project sounds like a great idea. Who wouldn’t want to reflect on what was done right, what could be done better, and then apply those lessons to the next project?

In practice, though, it is sometimes a different story. It may be a lack of time, resources, interest, or follow-through that causes lessons learned to fall by the wayside. Or, even if they are captured they may not necessarily be implemented.

 So, what are the processes and techniques you have found effective when it comes to not only capturing lessons learned, but making sure they are applied to future projects?

PMP Tips: A Lesson Learned is Value Earned

It’s been said that “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Don’t let this happen to you. Download a free copy of this Lessons Learned template and make each project even more successful than the last one!

This template is broken down into Project Management Processes, Project Control Processes and Product Build and Delivery Processes. Scores across all categories are calculated and you are presented with a score for the Overall Project Performance. Great tool to use for what to do (and what not to do) on your next project!

Download a free copy of this Lessons Learned template.

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