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PDUs2Go.com Tips: Getting Reimbursed for PDUs is Easy!

If you’re fortunate enough to work for a company that reimburses you for keeping up with your PMP Certification…then good for you! PDUs2Go.com makes this process as easy as possible by providing a list of all of the Portable and Affordable courses you have taken and a link to print out the receipt. This lets you focus on earning your PDUs while you continue to earn your company’s respect!

PDUs2Go.com Tips: Earn 5 Category 2SDL PDUs with our Leadership Excellence Bundle

The Leadership Excellence Bundle of courses can be claimed as Category 2-SDL courses and listening to the 50 in this bundle can earn you 5 PDUs.   Because they are Category 2-SDL there is not a course completion form for them as they are Self-Directed Learning courses.  Only Category 3 courses will have a course completion form.

Category 2 PDUs are claimed in the same way as Category 3 PDUs by going to http://ccrs.pmi.org.  When asked for the PDU category select Category 2 SDL:

As these are “Self-Directed Learning” PDUs there is no “proof” needed as you are stating on your honor to PMI that you have completed this self study.

PDUs2Go.com Tips: Download the PDUs2Go.com Course Catalog for More Details!

Project Managers love the details. If you’re looking for details about the portable and affordable courses that we offer at PDUs2Go.com, we have them for you! Our Course Catalog includes Bios about each of our world-class Authors and further information about each of their courses.


PDUs2Go.com Tips: Over 30 Free PM Templates on PDUs2Go.com!

Project Management Templates help Project Managers do their job better! We have pulled together over 30 templates that you can use in your job to keep your teams focused on the right things, mitigate risk, plan a project, track progress and a host of other functions you need to fill as a Project Manager. Just click on the Rewards Section when you log in and you will have access to the templates pictured below.


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