What Do You Do When Negotiations Stall?

By Mark Jankowski

There’s a lot of give and take in Project Management and sometimes that give and take comes to a standstill. When a deadlock occurs, before pronouncing the deal dead, try following these steps:

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Three Rules of Negotiation You Should Never Ignore

By Mark Jankowski

When people are involved in negotiations, they typically fall prey to some of the most common mistakes people make: don’t make the first offer, don’t accept the first offer too quickly, and aim high.  Why are these critical rules so often ignored?

These rules are often ignored because people fear rejection.  They’re uncomfortable with the negotiation process and want to get it over with as quickly as possible.  That’s why many negotiators blurt out the first offer without even finding out what the other side wanted (perhaps much less.)  And that’s why many negotiators accept the other side’s first offer immediately. Learn More »

Are You a “Wimp – Wimp” Negotiator?

By Mark Jankowski

Have you ever wondered why some people good at haggling while others just accept whatever they are told?  How can either of these traits be improved? There are five different kinds of “wimp-wimp” negotiators, people who would rather give in than pursue a WIN-win deal: Learn More »

Dealing with Difficult Negotiators as a Project Manager

By Mark Jankowski

The most common approach of the difficult negotiator is the use of emotional tactics – intimidation, threats, short-temper, arbitrary deadlines, unreasonable demands.  Instinctively or consciously, they are trying to get you to react emotionally in return, and accept a bad deal.  The best way to counteract emotion is to recognize it for what it is, a tactic.  Stay calm.  Stick to your strategy. Learn More »

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