A Picture Is Worth a Million Meetings

By MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

Project and Program Managers are continuously seeking comprehensive yet expedient tools and techniques to successfully manage their enterprise’s portfolio of projects and programs.

Project and Program Management (PM) processes, methods and procedures must SIMULTANEOUSLY comply with PM best practices, maximize PM Vitamin C6® for all stakeholders and minimize time and cost!

The typical array of PM textual tools and techniques, frequently result in misunderstanding of the documents, by the various project or program stakeholders: the client, the customer, the end-user, management, vendors and even the implementation team.

And throughout the project or program lifecycle, the project or program manager may be continuously challenged by stakeholders exasperated statements:… “My understanding was…”, “I thought it meant…”, “I assumed it would…”, “My expectations are…”… and the list of goes on! Learn More »

Didn’t Cover the Agenda

By Pamela A. Scott

Last week’s call came from Elliott, a VP in a medium-sized firm. He was frustrated with Conner, his CEO.

“What do we do with this guy?” Elliott groused. “We just spent two hours in a management meeting and only covered half the things on the agenda. We never even touched on a critical staff issue.”

“Why does Conner even put together an agenda? I see an agenda and develop expectations about what we will get done in the meeting. And every time I’m disgusted by our lack of progress.”

I’ve heard this before from other clients. The CEO puts together a meeting agenda and doesn’t stick to it. Too much time is spent on the first one or two issues, so the team doesn’t have time to get to all the issues.

Or the CEO lets someone go off on a tangent that has nothing to do with what the team is trying to accomplish. Or the CEO, as moderator, lets someone rehash issues and background covered in the last three meetings.

“How do we turn this meeting into a productive use of our time?” Elliott asked with a sigh.

Here is what I suspect is going on.

CEOs tend to be big-picture people. Big-picture folks put together agendas to satisfy other people; they don’t really need agendas because they often don’t follow them.

Big-picture folks don’t always have the best sense of time. So they may think they can cover 8 issues in a two-hour meeting, but, in reality, they can’t.

If you find yourself in Elliott’s spot, here are a few things you can do. Learn More »

Is this all there is?: How You Can Get Ahead of the Virtual Curve

By Mark Jankowski

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following post is slanted toward Training Professionals, however, the cutting edge nature of virtual 3D training is something that all Project Managers will need to familiarize themselves with to keep up with this exciting new technology.

As I was traveling back from a recent Training Technology Conference in Las Vegas, I was reflecting on my experience as an exhibitor at the event.  I was reviewing the list of programs, speakers, and exhibitors contained within the Expo’s Program Guide when Los Lobos’ song “Is That All There Is?” started playing on my Ipod and I realized that was the question I was pondering about the conference.

As the President of Virtual Training Partners, I spend every day, all day, thinking about and working in 3D Virtual Worlds like Second Life, Reaction Grid, and Unity3D.  Seeing the opportunity to connect with others interested in 3D Virtual World technology, our organization decided to exhibit at the conference.  The experience was well worth it.  We had great traffic to our booth, exchanged many business cards, and have several opportunities to follow-up with people who showed genuine interest.  It was three days well spent.

That being said, what remains a concern to me is the lack of other exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers who focus on 3D Virtual Worlds.  Let me run some numbers by you…There were over 100 sessions delivered over a three- day period.  Of those sessions, there were only four sessions dedicated to 3D Virtual World training.  These sessions were terrific, with Anders Gronstedt, Tony O’Driscoll, and Karl Kapp providing their continued thought leadership in this area.  But when I think about the fact that at a Training Technology Conference there were less than 4% of the sessions dedicated to the topic, I have to think: “Is That All There Is?”

What gives?  We have heard several reasons why people were not more interested in exploring 3D Virtual Technology: Learn More »

Time to Tungle

By Tom Kellen

Have you ever had one of these kinds of days?  You need to meet with Joe, so you pick up the phone and call his office, but he’s not in yet so you leave him a message.  Joe calls back right when you are in the middle of your weekly team meeting and leaves you a message.  Thus beginnith the new “meeting message ping pong game”.  It’s time to opt out of that game and make your life a bit easer.  Enter,

Tungle is an on-line scheduling service that also runs on multiple platforms and really makes scheduling those meetings a breeze. As it says on Tungle’s web site: Learn More »

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