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Thanks for joining Jennifer Bridges, PMP in the LEAD-Like a Boss webinar on July 19th.  We appreciate you sticking with us, as we roll-out Plan B for earning 1 free PDU for viewing this leadership course.

Join your host Jennifer Bridges, PMP and Bryan Heathman, CEO of Made for Success, as they interview these interesting authors with short stories on their leadership success.


Allan Colman: 

  • Learn the difference between leadership and Exceptional Leadership with Allan’s historical view on leadership and sports

Annette Brown

  • Learn the methods of Dynamic Strategic Action Planning and how they can propel your business planning to the next level

Matt Youngquist

  • Career expert Matt Youngquist helps understand how to get promoted and stay ahead in today’s workplace

Kevin Parker

  • Learn how the tragic events of the Columbine High School massacre shaped this politician’s views on “adaptive leadership”

Clara Chorley

  • Clara shares a formula for using habits, beliefs and behaviors to shape management success

Rick Justus

  • Rick is an expert in Legacy and explains how you can create legacy in your professional life

Enjoy these short stories from each author in this 60-minute presentation and earn 1 free PDU in the process. Details on how to claim your PDU are at the end of this video.


If you found this video of LEAD-Like a Boss of value, then you might be interested in the 10 PDU course for this book/audiobook in the self-paced, downloadable courses here

Diamond Leadership – Optimized Capabilities

by MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

Effectively establishing and leading creative individuals, diverse teams and unique talents is critical to optimize the success of Enterprise performance. Yet, best practices DIAMOND LEADERSHIP = OPTIMIZED CAPABILITIESProject, Program and Portfolio Management (PM) require disciplined and structured orchestration, leading by means of clever maneuvering of the team of experts, to optimize their efficiency and proficiency.

These two seemingly opposing paradigms are in fact, effectively and successfully synchronized and integrated by continuously applying DIAMOND DYNAMICS®.

Organizations and enterprises identify their required, unique talents and skills to perform their critical functions, activities and tasks; and subsequently recruit and select the various individuals and/or teams. When performance does not meet expectations, it is typically not a competency issue…, the human resources are not incompetent, I have never seen a job ad that says: “Incompetents Please Apply”! Performance problems arise when individual or team capabilities are frustrated, human resources do not have the opportunity to perform optimally! Learn More »

Balancing Strategy and Execution

by Lakecia Carter, PMP

Given today’s complex and dynamic environments, PMPs need to be strategic and task-driven at the same time. Balancing the big picture with the small details is often a challenge for us. Balance Strategy and ExecutionOne of Merriam Webster’s definitions of balance is “Here are 5 tips to show you how: equality between the totals of the two sides of an account”. Is it possible to have equal degrees of strategy and execution when leading your projects?

Here are 5 tips to show you how:

#1 Articulate how your solution aligns with the business strategy and goals. Project charters are great tools to create a project road map. However, they often fall short of tying the end goal to the business strategy. Engage key stakeholders to help craft a vision to set a strong foundation to build upon. The big picture is not just big; it is visual, factual, compelling and real. Use it to steer the ship.

#2 Give your strategic players “just enough” detail and your implementation team “just enough” strategy. All projects include stakeholders at various levels in the organization. Communication issues arise when we aren’t paying attention to the message. Cross-functional teams responsible for execution need to be aware of how all the pieces work together to form the big picture. However, you can’t overwhelm them with too much information. Senior executives and business owners are primarily interested in milestone achievements, issues and risks they need to be involved in. Be careful not to leave out important information trying to keep it high level. Learn More »

Becoming Bendable

by Jeff Justice, CSP

My friend Bill Schabel is a top trainer for Southern Company. He knew what a valuable tool humor is to help people remember, relax, and understand his information, but he wasn’t Become Bendableconvinced about it being a stress-management tool. He told me, “Sometimes you’ve just got to get mad and yell — just get it all out.”

But do you, really? Anger, like fear, stimulates your hypothalamus and Pituitary. Your adrenals rush to produce noradrenalin and adrenaline, which, with other hormones, are released into your body, creating the “fight or flight syndrome” from old cavemen days — except that your mind doesn’t know if it’s a saber-toothed tiger coming or just Dick from Accounting. Learn More »

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