Enhancing Your Online Return on Influence™

If 2009 was about this shiny, sexy new toy called social networking, 2010 and beyond has to be about ROI from your online efforts.  Social media in many ways is reinventing ROI to return on influence, impact and integration.

Whether you use social media to strengthen your brand, drive marketing efficiency, or increase sales, here are six (6) best practices to enhance your online return on influence – see the sidebar section for tactical suggestions.

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What’s Your Social Media Policy?

In several prospective client meetings recently, the conversation has centered on the need for a social media policy.  Whether you work for a progressive organization or a conservative, risk-adverse one, it seems that everyone has an opinion on the best approach.  Here are some prevailing camps:

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Here is a Novel Idea: Strategic Relationship On-Boarding…

You’ve heard the old adage that people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.  I wonder, during employment, how or what do people learn about how their company builds and values relationships? We teach new hires all about our company, products, services, maybe even competitive landscape and key market trends, yet seldom do we help employees understand how to build strategic relationships within as well as external to our company!  I’ve seen both formal and informal mentoring programs that are world-class in every aspect of their design, development and delivery, yet are missing this crucial component.

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Applying Adaptive Innovation™ to Your Revenue Growth

There are three fundamental components of revenue growth:

  • The Gradient or slope of growth;
  • The Torque or speed of growth; and
  • The Fuel Efficiency or Profitability of growth.

As you can imagine, there are multiple scenarios in which an organization’s actions (or lack thereof) can contribute to its positive or negative direction.  One, which is particularly perplexing, is the misguided correlation between product or service line extension and innovation. Let me explain:

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