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Relationship Economics®: Success Journal for PMPs

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Leadership Thoughts from a Leader I Admire

By David Nour

John Chambers’ (Cisco) Expectations of Leaders

John recently provided advice and expectations for Cisco leaders that go beyond their own functions, meeting goals and building quality teams:

  1. Think about where we are going and understand the organizational structure and business model for Cisco. Master it and take it to others.
  2. Take one market opportunity at a time and talk to your team about it.
  3. Listen.
  4. Work and lead cross-functionally, seamlessly, and get results as a team.
  5. Work using collaboration and Web 2.0 tools.
  6. Get comfortable with the organization you work for changing with every meeting; this will constantly evolve.
  7. Vision, Strategy, and Execution (VSE) should prescribe everything you do. Always start with a VSE and remind your teams where they are going. Use the cross functional common vocabulary to describe what you want to accomplish.
  8. Think in four dimensions (time is the fourth) constantly, weighing the impact of your decisions and play out a virtual chess game in your head. Do it dynamically from one meeting to the next or simultaneously in more than one meeting.
  9. Part of the reward for doing a good job is you will move somewhere else. Establishing a comfort level with this is key to moving fast.
  10. Have fun.

Ten Fundamental Values of Social Networking at Work

By David Nour

There are three types of relationships:

  • Personal – These are your friends (golf buddies, neighbors, parents at kid’s school, etc.); they like your warts and all and you choose them, making them rather safe.
  • Functional – These are people you work with to perform your job or realm of responsibilities.  You build relationships with them, often because you have to (colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.). You don’t necessarily choose all of them, but because of the context of your relationship, likewise they feel fairly safe.

Many use the current generation of social networking technologies such as LinkedIn®, Spoke®, and Plaxo® to connect with this audience.  Our relationship with these people online is simply an extension of our interactions with them off-line.

The third type of relationship is your strategic relationships – those which most people often miss. These are the people who can elevate your thinking, provide new perspective, and create a fundamentally greater level of access to new markets, new opportunities, and new possibilities of greater perceived reach.

Here are ten valuable uses of current and prospective social networking sites for any leader to identify, build, nurture and leverage their strategic – often their most valuable relationships: Learn More »

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