Where’s Your Clutter?

By Tricia Molloy

After completely cleaning out the clutter of my clothes closet earlier this year, I’m still pondering the lessons learned:

  • Forgiveness – “What was I thinking when I bought THAT?”
  • Acceptance – I fit into those size 6 pants for 15 minutes last year and will never be there again.
  • Letting Go – One giant trash bag of someone else’s treasures went to Good Will. I took a few select business clothes with me when I spoke to the Women’s Professional Group of Dress for Success.

Clutter distracts and confuses us and drains our energy. It gets in the way of what’s most important.

Clearing physical clutter, whether it’s a clothes closet or an office file cabinet, is a freeing experience. So is letting go of technical clutter, like too much Internet time or e-newsletters you never read, and emotional clutter, like toxic people and unnecessary obligations. When clutter is released, energy and clarity increase.

Where’s your clutter? Identify just one area of clutter in your life and take steps to clear it away. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll find in its place.

Decision Making Lessons from the Royal Opera House: Think Outside the Pit

By Linda Henman, Ph.D.

Much of my consulting and coaching work involves industries and functions that must follow the rules—exactly and profoundly. The SEC demands compliance from publicly traded companies; specific industries require adherence to prescribed protocols; and best practices dictate practical approaches. All good.

However, overusing a strength creates a weakness. People who operate in regulated industries and roles can, if they’re not careful and vigilant, start to develop rigidity in their thinking. They adhere to the status quo instead of experimenting with new approaches; they reject novel ideas without scrutiny; and they rebuff innovation on principle.

Not so for the Royal Opera House. On February 17th, it debuted “Anna Nicole,” the rags-to-riches story and cautionary tale of Smith’s rise to fame and ultimate demise. Learn More »

It’s Not Unusual…

By Tricia Molloy

It’s not unusual that your biggest setbacks can be your brightest opportunities.

Did you know that international singing superstar Tom Jones, still going strong at 70, seemed destined to follow in his coal miner father’s footsteps? That is, until he was struck with tuberculosis when he was 12. Learn More »

If He’d Only Thought

By Pamela A. Scott

This week’s tale is one that was told to me. I wasn’t involved in the solution, but the story provides a great learning/teaching point about thinking all the way through a problem.

I share it with you knowing that we have architects as well as engineers in our community. Promise not to point fingers at the other side and say with a snarl, “What’d you expect?”

An accomplished architect designed a new elementary school building for a private academy. When the building was finished, all involved toured the structure and admired the wonderful use of natural light through the innovative design.

When the tour moved outside, the headmaster groaned. The beautiful building, with its innovative use of windows, was edged with beds of rocks. Not pebbles, but good solid rocks—the throwing kind. The kind little kids used to break windows and to throw at each other. Learn More »

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