Quick-Thinking Circles

By David Ryback, Ph.D.

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book, Blink, teaches us about how quickly decisions are made by those who are good at what they do, whether experts at art or sports or business.  “Thin slicing” is the term he uses to depict how little information such experts use to make their astute decisions.  The best of them waste little time thinking about the unnecessary.  When they’re trucking on all cylinders, their minds are powerhouses of instant decision-making—every thought a blink.  In his book, Strangers to Ourselves, Timothy D. Wilson writes of “the adaptive unconscious,” which “does an excellent job of sizing up the world … setting goals, and initiating action in a sophisticated and efficient manner.”

What a great description of the minds of those in successful core groups!  At their best, core groups are made up of personalities that complement one another.  The best core groups operate on this basis of “blink,” complementary personalities, unreserved honesty and clarity in making quick decisions and, finally, deep commitment to the desired outcome.

Time to Tungle

By Tom Kellen

Have you ever had one of these kinds of days?  You need to meet with Joe, so you pick up the phone and call his office, but he’s not in yet so you leave him a message.  Joe calls back right when you are in the middle of your weekly team meeting and leaves you a message.  Thus beginnith the new “meeting message ping pong game”.  It’s time to opt out of that game and make your life a bit easer.  Enter,

Tungle is an on-line scheduling service that also runs on multiple platforms and really makes scheduling those meetings a breeze. As it says on Tungle’s web site: Learn More »

Managing with ConnectAbility’s Awareness Factor

By David Ryback, PhD.
When Otellini took over as CEO in May of 2005, he converted Grove’s old antagonistic philosophy of “Only the paranoid survive” to the more discrete “Praise in public, criticize in private.” 

 In order to integrate a sense of ConnectAbility into the company culture, Otellini hired sociologists and ethnographers to better discover what emotional ties potential customers had to certain product images in one particular region over another.  Intel even hired doctors to work with their ethnographers to explore which technologies the elderly might find most useful in monitoring their vital signs or tracking how victims of Alzheimer’s ate.  “I have seen more flexibility,” admitted Sony Vice-President, Mike Abary, “more of an open mind-set than in years past,” appreciating the Awareness Factor of Intel’s increasingly collaborative attitude. Learn More »

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