“You’re Not So Bad”: Prepare To Motivate

By Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D.

Is it possible to prepare to motivate your employees? Yes!  Part of the process involves understanding what motivates your people.  Each person is different. Meeting with people one-on-one in the first 90 days of your job is a great strategy to understand more about who they are. You can then adapt your approach to match their needs.

One IT manager I know realized that giving his top performer a vacation day was not an effective reward, but assigning him a complex problem to solve with time to focus on it really juiced him up.

Bob Quinn is an introverted HR manager who believes that people are motivated by the manager showing true respect and inclusion.  Even though he it is not a natural extrovert, he has made walking around and talking with people each day a part of his motivational preparation. When Bob was in charge of a merger, he personally met with each affected person and listened to their concerns. He then met with his top managers and designed the integrated team from scratch.  Bob said, “By the day of the merger, everyone knew exactly what they would be doing.”

He also arranged for brunches to take place in each office, gave each new associate a bottle of wine, and appointed a buddy to help the newly integrated employees understand the culture. Bob reported that he received some of the nicest thank-you notes that he has ever received from the people who chose to package out.

He knew things were going well, he said, when one of the mid-level managers looked at him and said, “You’re not so bad.”

What are you doing to be more strategic in your motivation?

3 Responses to ““You’re Not So Bad”: Prepare To Motivate”

  1. Abhilasha Singhvi says:

    I agree – each person is different and understanding what motivates one is important. Inspiration, in my opinion, also goes hand in hand with motivation. What you do, your everyday actions, speak louder than words. So, motivating and leading by one’s own example, inspiring others to follow and making them self-motivated would also be a great way to start.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Abhilasha – Great point! We all have to walk the talk or our words are empty.

    • Abdul Rasheed Khan MBA,QM,PM says:

      This a good idea, but with one point which need crification, “HOW” every one understand that movtivate every one is key of success in any project. can some give practical example!!!.
      thank you

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