You’re a Best Kept Secret!

by David Nour

One of my mentees is incredibly talented. Not just a little better than others; significantly more competent and capable in her chosen field. She has a great educational foundation, a very strong professional pedigree, bedside manners, she’s very personable, knowledgeable, quickly gets to the root of the problem, makes poignant, practical, pragmatic recommendations, and if you listen to her, you’ll be significantly better off!

The problem is that very few people know that! In essence, she’s a best kept secret. We’ve had several conversations about creating a stronger visibility for her name and brand and although she’s making improvements, I believe fear of failure is holding her back!

“Who’s going to read my blog, what if they hate what I tweet or think it’s stupid, what if they watch my videos and laugh?” are all common questions in her current mindset. She is afraid of putting herself out there; she’s afraid of others thinking she’s a fraud or discrediting her work.

Here is the thing:

  • Unless you create activity: blogs, forum posts, discussions, tweets, videos, articles, interviews, webinars, etc., you can’t create awareness.
  • Without that awareness being felt as relevant to your target audience, you’ll never get them engaged!
  • Without engaging them, you won’t make it impactful for them to become interested in your products, services, or brand.
  • Without them becoming interested, they’ll never apply your ideas to feel the impact in their transformation, and thus become sold in YOU!

If you want to be a great kept secret, keep NOT putting yourself and your body of work out there! Otherwise, if you have any aspirations of growing – personally, professionally, your business, your brand – you have to take some risks and be willing to fail. By the way, in my experience, you’ll learn more when things don’t go well than when everything is rosy!

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