You are the Keeper of Your Performance Potential. Now You Can Unlock It and Unleash Your Power Within.

By Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt)

“Most people don’t take the time to think about their ways of thinking. Consequently, they overlook simple changes they could make for powerful results.”

Are you set in your ways of thinking? You may not realize it, but your habitual thought patterns are most likely holding you back. Every project you will manage and team will lead will, in some way, challenge you to choose how you think according to the situation or person you’re dealing with — rather than “operate on autopilot.” By pinpointing your ways of thinking, you can leverage your personal strengths and learn to adopt the strengths of others.

It’s a cerebral subject, but exploring your thought processes can be enjoyable as you watch yourself struggle wrestling your weaknesses or excel harnessing your strengths. I challenge you to take the unforgettable ride through your own mind and learn when you succeed or fail while uncovering the secrets to each style of your thinking.

Some say your success is in “your own hands” – I think it’s in “your own mind!” There are several instruments and tools available today to assess your styles of thinking… pick one you like and makes sense to you then use it to study yourself.

Enjoy your journey and discover the success keys you already posses to unlock your performance potential – it’s worth the trip!

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