Wisdom Mentoring Aha’s

by Tricia Molloy

describe the imageLast year I mentored Janet, a project manager with strong leadership skills who works in Tampa at an insurance company. She’s married with four young children. Last week she texted me: “It’s been a while since we spoke. Hope all is well with you. Wanted to share great news with you…I got promoted. Could not have done it without your help! Thank you!”

When I spoke with Janet this weekend to congratulate her and she filled me in on all the details, I asked her to share three aha’s from our work together that I could pass on to you. They are:

1) Focus. “I learned to focus on what I’m good at and do it well,” she said, “instead of trying to do everything myself and not excelling at any of it. By using affirmations to keep me on track, I developed the confidence to delegate what I could and said ‘no’ more often. That allowed me to say ‘yes’ to what was critical to the success of my projects.”

2) Purpose. “Through the process by which you led me, I defined my life purpose: As a lifelong learner and thoughtful leader, I inspire others to get the best results in a nurturing environment. I posted that statement at my desk and share it with others. I refer to it when making decisions and leading my team. It supports what I discovered through the StrengthsFinder program and defines who I am and what others can expect of me. Very powerful.”

3) Clarity. “Though it seems too simple to have such a great impact, one of the best things I ever did for my career and life was clean out the clutter,” she said. “At work, I cleaned out old files and books that were distracting me. At home, my kids and I boxed up the toys they outgrew or don’t play with and then donated them to kids who could enjoy them. It feels good to have more space and clarity.”

Janet also appreciates the power of visualization. To accelerate that process, she is now creating a Vision Board with images of what she plans to manifest, like a family vacation at a fun resort in the Florida Keys. “I’m not sure when we’ll get there or how we’ll fund it,” she said, “but I know it will happen because it’s on my Vision Board.”

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