When Business Feels Like a Game of Chess

By Drew Stevens, Ph.D.

I am often asked about how I achieve my successes in business and I am reminded about previous circumstances that have paved my future successes. While perseverance might be one factor passion and conviction certainly are relevant.

We all have choices and we can choose to succumb to the negative pressures or simply look forward; shunning negativity. As a child I was physically abused. My choices were to remain in that environment and escape with outlets such as drugs or alcohol or to pave a new future. I chose the latter.

In a second incident I was terminated three times in a six month period; the last on Christmas Eve! With a wife and children I could have chosen to become depressed and angered or simply build. I chose the latter.

Obstacles constantly impact business development. You feel as if you are playing chess and constantly under “check”. The prospective clients you desire choose other vendors, employees leave for other organizations. Even new product development goes array. Such pressures happen to the small as well as most famous of entrepreneurs. (Ask Steve Jobs about iPhone issues)

Entrepreneurs can succumb to the pressures losing valuable development and innovation time or they move forward. Business like chess requires proper strategy and marginality. It is the choices you make, the overall strategy, the ability to thwart pressure and your passion that must keep you focused on the goal. Now it is your move!

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