Using Sales Methods to Find A Job as a PMP Project Manager

Job Want Adby Drew Stevens, Ph.D.

With the dawn of a new economy and a new year there are many individuals that continue to suffer and seek work. However there is a reason why some continue to struggle while others fight for positions. The rationale is sales and marketing.

Business professionals must represent themselves as products. This requires the use of branding techniques similar to the big boys. It is incumbent to create key messages that establish value and get the others to become attracted to you.

Here are a few tips.

  1. Never send a blind resume without reading the job specifics. It is a requirement to use the vocabulary and structure allotted in the job description. The databases today are seeking key words from the description congruent with your resume. The use of “keywords” will bring your resume to the top of the list.
  2. Use a cover letter that establishes your value and speaks of accomplishments. Employers want results. Speak to that and how it will aid the firm not how many years you were in the Girl Scouts.
  3. Be specific, to the point and short. Just like you as a consumer you have little time to waste, as does a decision maker. Make them read it so they call you.
  4. Avoid human resources at all cost. Find the key decision maker or functional person seeking the assignment. Human Resources simply places resumes in a database or pile. You have as much luck being chosen as you do becoming knighted by the Queen of England.
  5. Follow up. The thing that gets my goat is an individual that wants a job and never follows up. Go after what you desire. For every one spot there is an average of 500 resumes! Be aggressive and persistent – not to the point of pain but so buyers pay attention.
  6. Network like hell. You have more chances of getting a position from those you know then sending in blind resumes.
  7. Never give up. This is not about you today but simply the law of averages. Being persistent and using sales and marketing savvy will keep you in the game and get you the prize you desire.

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