Three Rules of Negotiation You Should Never Ignore

By Mark Jankowski

When people are involved in negotiations, they typically fall prey to some of the most common mistakes people make: don’t make the first offer, don’t accept the first offer too quickly, and aim high.  Why are these critical rules so often ignored?

These rules are often ignored because people fear rejection.  They’re uncomfortable with the negotiation process and want to get it over with as quickly as possible.  That’s why many negotiators blurt out the first offer without even finding out what the other side wanted (perhaps much less.)  And that’s why many negotiators accept the other side’s first offer immediately.  They accept it and then the deal is done.  Whew!  But they will never know how much better a deal they might have struck.  And of course, these negotiators don’t aim high.  They’re afraid of losing the deal altogether which has two results, in their minds, both bad:  Failure and having to seek yet another deal.

When you practice the Power of Nice and the 3 Ps, you remove fear from the process and replace it with a system.

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