Three Methods of Success

By Drew Stevens, Ph.D.

Several years ago I was coaching a particular entrepreneur who was having difficulty in business. As we began the assessment stage it was interesting to find three things that were holding her back. Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and many of my favorite mentors have written about these three concepts over time. I also used this as I moved forward in life especially as I shifted through life’s hurdles.


Confidence comes from the ability to focus on one thing your strengths. Too many today focus on limitations and worse unsolicited feedback. Ignore what ignorant and selfish people. Focus what you bring to the table and manifest that. I had a father that always called me a loser and told me verbatim, “I will never amount to anything.” It is easy to focus on what others want you to become but better to focus on what you were meant to be!

Social Networks

I am not speaking of the electronic but those you truly hold in high regard and personally network. Your strengths and abilities stem from those with power and want you to be powerful. Look around you and ensure your network not only supports you but also moves you to higher levels. Never allow individuals in your network to hold you back. These include family members and what you might believe are friends.


I recently read an article that suggested that all universities were down during the recession because individuals stopped enrolling. Education is a privilege not a right. While many await their employers to pay or reimburse for educational standards, your individual success involves your ability to read, challenge yourself and create new adventures. Education is not an option, take control and learn new things to create more value.

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