Three Characteristics of Successful Brands

By Mac M. Martirossian, CPA

There are many great attributes of corporate brands that we can adopt in developing a personal Brand.  If you have worked on building your personal Brand, you will find it difficult to compete in an ever increasing crowded market.  No matter your station in life, it is imperative to have a personal Brand that uniquely describes who you are.  Not a resume, or a Linkedin profile, but a branding statement that separates you from everyone else.

As consumers, we are selective in companies we choose to do business with, based on their Brand reputation.  Why then would employers or potential customers of ours, not have that same line of thinking?

Successful brands are ABLE….they have characteristics that end in the letters a-b-l-e.

  1. Successful brands are Memorable, because they are interesting.  We are drawn to them because they are unique and different.  If you have ever been to a Cirque du Soleil show you will have a tough time forgetting what it was all about, and a difficult time describing what you experienced.  Their success has translated into annual revenues of $800 million.  What have you done recently that makes your Brand memorable?
  2. Successful brands are Reliable, because they are consistent.  We are confident about what we will experience, because they are trustworthy and dependable.  You can walk into a McDonald’s in Shanghai, Mexico City, or Atlanta, and the french fries will have that same fantastic taste, and you won’t be disappointed with the cleanliness of the bathroom.  Their annual revenues exceed $24 billion—but that what is remarkable is that they had net income of $5 billion in 2010—a BIG 21% net profit margin.  How reliable is your Brand and can you measure your success economically?
  3. Successful brands are Unstoppable, because they are multi-dimensional.  We can never get enough of them, because they are strong and confident.  Apple continues to prove that they are not a computer company.  They have so many exciting products, that we stand in line at the malls waiting patiently to give them our money.  Recession, competition, tension in the Middle East—nothing stops them from advancing.  They generated $65 billion in sales and $14 billion in profits in 2010.  Does your Brand isolate you in a box and tag you singularly, or are you perceived as a multi-faceted individual?

Start thinking of yourself as a Brand and emulate successful Corporate Brands by becoming remarkABLE.

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