Three Career Development Strategies for PMPs

By Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt)

I work with global clients in raising the bar on their current and prospective high performing & high potential project managers.  Here are 3 career development strategies PMPs need to think about to advance into Project Management Leadership positions or land a spot in the PMO.

Know & Develop your Strengths
Introspection can highlight what you do really well, what you’re passionate about and how you can focus that fuel toward getting things done.

Recommendations for Training and Development:

Training Resources

  1. The School of Humanity & Awareness – Atlanta, GA
  2. The Center for Inner Knowing – Atlanta, GA

Assessment Tools

  1. DISC
  2. Optimize Your Thinking
  3. Strengths Finder 2.0

Engage & Study your Mentor
We’re all products of the advice we take, so who are you listening to and how are you growing personally & professionally on a daily basis?

Recommendations for Training and Development:

  1. Mentor: [More experienced than you]
    Those who have been there and done what you are trying to do.
  2. Reverse Mentor: [Less experienced than you]
    Those who have not been and done what you have done but are doing similar things in different ways. [ex: Our summer interns from Hong Kong, Iran and US]

Build and Nurture your Key Business Relationships
We’re really not in the project business; we’re in the people business and your ability to engage and influence others often without authority is what will set you apart.

Recommendations for Training and Development:

  1. Courses: Relationship Economics and Social Networking – by David Nour, Business Relationship Expert and Social Networking Strategist
  2. Webinars: Social Networking – LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook

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