The Power to Create a New Reality

By David Ryback, Ph.D.

Now how about this for something interesting: Since the thinking part of the brain can override the fear-mongering amygdala, just by focusing clearly and intently on the desired experience of our communication, then, admits neuropsychiatrist Dr. Richard Restak, in his book The Naked Brain, “thanks to the frontal lobes of our brain, we have the power to create for ourselves [think facing your greatest business challenges here] a new and more empowering reality.”  Hallelujah!  A new reality!  To engage our associates, customers, etc., with the substance and spirit of the image that we conjure up, as the business professionals we are, in order to experience that highly-prized sense of authenticity and connection in our message.  What the new neuroscience reveals is what we’ve read about for years, from Goethe and Dale Carnegie onward, that what the mind can imagine becomes its own reality.

But there is more fascinating stuff, even for those of us who might initially be cynical of this approach.  To complete the circle of powerful persuasion, it’s necessary to be in touch with our audience—whether comprised of clients, associates, prospects—at the emotional level.  Here’s where the two components—the Awareness and Performance Factors—come together to allow for the most effective transactions.

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