The Benefits of Mindfulness

By Tricia Molloy

Where are you right now, really? Most of us would answer that we are many places. At least our thoughts are. We’re often split between work and home responsibilities and concerns. We have a lot on our minds and, if multi-tasking was an Olympic sport, we would bring home the gold.  When you live fully in the present, you harness a new level of energy and enthusiasm and can nurture what really matters to you, your clients and the people who work with you. As a special bonus, you will begin to notice, appreciate and be inspired by everyday miracles that have alluded you before.  The next time you sit down to lunch, say to yourself, “At this moment, I am focusing on eating lunch.” Engage all of your senses: appreciating what that sandwich looks, smells, feels, sounds and tastes like. Can you hear the crunchy bread and smell the pungent mustard?

Buddhists refer to this as seeing with a beginner’s mind. Use the “at this moment” approach while planning a project, analyzing an operational challenge or interviewing a new vendor. A bank executive begins each meeting by ringing a Tibetan meditation bell, reminding everyone to listen mindfully and speak honestly. What rituals can you establish to encourage mindfulness throughout your entire team?

Being mindful reaps many benefits. You can solve problems faster, show a deeper level of respect for those around you–thereby earning more respect–and reduce the stress you feel from juggling too many things. As the controversial Harvard professor turned spiritual guru Ram Dass put it so succinctly: “Be here now.”

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