Ten Ideas When It Comes to Changing Your Career

by Rick Forbus, Ph.D.

I came across a very good blog article entitled 10 Steps to Creative Career Changes by Javy Wong Galindo on the Internet site http://www.thechangeblog.com/career-changes/ An excerpt from this article says,

A percussionist has a way of creating music out of a couple twigs and an iron pot. A dancer can turn an empty room into a mosaic of movement. Why not use your own inherent creative capacities to be the artist of your own life?

We often feel trapped; unable to change directions while on the roads we travel.

But just as a writer can overcome creative blocks when staring at a blank sheet of paper, we can all overcome the blocks that prevent us from seeing creative possibilities for our lives.

I was an electrical engineer for over a decade before I decided to make my own creative career changes — going back to graduate school and becoming a published author.

It was a process consisting of a lot of sweat, doubt, and frustration. As it turns out, lots of people go through the same process.
 As I chronicle in my book, The Power of Thinking Differently, the creative process is similar across disciplines—from art, business, to scientific advancement.

It is also the same for those of us wanting to make creative changes in how we make a living and how we live our lives in general.

The following ten steps to creative career changes are adapted from both the research for my book and my personal experience. Though I’ll emphasize “career” changes, the steps can be applied to any life changes you may wish to make.

I am just going to list the author’s ten ideas, but would encourage you to read the entire article for great ideas on career breakthroughs.

Here’s the list:

  1. List Your Reasons for Change
  2. List Your Passions and Skills
  3. Explore Crazy Career Ideas
  4. Prioritize and Choose
  5. Clear the Path by Realizing Your Assumptions
  6. Challenge Your Assumptions
  7. Organize A Game Plan
  8. Recruit Help
  9. Execute Your Plan
  10. Keep Your Motivation Fueled

This is a fantastic list. With clients who want to discover a new career path we use some of these ideas and the life-balance star to help anchor career and life journeys around all parts of the human experience. For those who haven’t read a former article that contained these life components, here’s the list again:

  • Your Professional Life
  • Your Personal Life
  • Your Physical Life
  • Your Legacy Life
  • Your Spiritual Life

When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty, because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.     -Steve Jobs   

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