Swimming with Monkeys

By Mac. M. Martirossian, CPA

The crab eating Macacque (pronounced ma-kak) monkey is found in Indonesia and over centuries of evolution has developed the ability to swim in water and under water out of the necessity to eat (http://www.videosift.com/video/monkeys-swimming-underwater).  These Monkeys can hold their breath under water for as long as 20 seconds….not bad for a small creature!

Nearly 15 million people in the United States are unemployed; millions of others are at risk.  We are all going through an evolution of our own.  What we have in common with the Macacque monkey is our need to eat.  What we don’t have is the luxury of waiting for centuries of evolution to change our habits or develop new skills.

Here is what we can learn from the crab eating Macacque:

  • Flexibility:  Much like the Macacque looks for food on trees, on land and in rivers, we need to become scrappy in this economy by expanding beyond the traditional revenue streams and find new ways of generating cash flow.  I never thought of myself as an author, but this new world forced me to develop new skills by writing course material which could be marketed to targeted groups and thus generate cash.
  • Adaptability:  The Macacque has developed separate muscle groups to swing from trees and to swim in waters.  Teach yourself new skills; flex the “full brain” muscle.  Self development costs time and money.  Re-direct time from surfing the net and spending money on non-essentials to enriching your knowledge and thus your personal Brand.  I have invested in time and money to develop professional speaking skills to expand my reach from speaking in corporate board rooms to large scale impactful oration.
  • Creativity:  While I am not certain, the Macacque probably figured out that swimming on the top of the water was not as productive as diving for the crabs below.  And thus, they cleverly developed a way to hold their breath under water and hunt for food.  The new world is teaching us that evolution and creativity takes time—a longer horizon to adapt.  Get creative with your thinking now, before you risk drowning in the next wave of change and downturn.  Staying on the surface is easy; learning to deep dive makes the difference between success and survival.

What are you doing to develop your skills?….or should I say gills?

5 Responses to “Swimming with Monkeys”

  1. Charu Kotera says:

    Very interesting,I guess this developed a thought process in me. I also shared this with my friends,they all liked the thought.

  2. Dan Ramsey says:

    Excellent comments!

  3. Good article that is appropriate to the current situation.The only problem is when adapting do not look for skills that are cheap and can be completed quickly,as everyone goes for those skills and short programs.That same market will be soon be congested and yo have to move on again.

  4. Saravanan Rajamanickam says:

    100 % true. Not in only in the time of recession, these points holds good for any aspiring Managers to learn new skills for surviving in today’s competitive world. The extra skills and talents are the only things that is going to take you heights in the glbal market.

  5. Chhaya Mitra says:

    Very apt and quite inspiring specially in the current climate. I myself have started practicing these and that’s the very reason I am here reading all these interesting articles and getting pepped up. Thanks Mac. M. M.

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