Stop Running Out of Time

By Lakecia Carter, PMP

You’ve run out of time again! It happens to all of us, sometimes no matter how much we plan. Why does this happen?  Do we have too much to do, too little time? Are we overambitious and unrealistic about the time we need? Time management seems harder these days given the fast paced environments we manage in. Although it is the most precious gift we have, we often waste much of it. As a PM (Procrastination Manager), I have to force myself to be more intentional with my time. It’s not easy though. If you are like me and find yourself running out of time or always needing more time, here are a few reminders that we need to keep in mind daily:

Prepare With Time

Plan ahead. Outline all tasks or activities from beginning to end. Estimate the time it will take to complete. Always leave room for the unexpected. A lack of preparation always leads to wasted time.

Honor Your Time

Begin and end on time. Don’t make it a habit to always “go over”. Not only should you honor your time, but also respect others’ time.

Take a Time Out

Be intentional and take the time you need to prepare. Sometimes we don’t stop long enough to regroup and we run the risk of being ineffective. Working harder and longer hours does not guarantee you will get more done.

Time is not our enemy. It is the one thing we have that we own. There is nothing worse than wasting time, taking too much time or running out of time. Just practice these simple principles, and you can reclaim your time. Because you are in control of it, you will never run out!

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