Snake Your Way to Success

by Linda Henman, Ph.D.

snakeWhile sitting at a traffic light recently, I noticed the printing on the mini-van next to me: “The Reptile Experience: We’ll bring the reptiles to you. Birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, parish picnics.”

As a former high school prom chairman and the host of hundreds of parties since, I can honestly say that including reptiles in a party venue has never crossed my mind.  Call me conventional, but I won’t even buy a centerpiece from a taxidermist.  But that doesn’t make me right.

At various functions, how often have you thought, “This is a nice party—good food, pleasant conversations, interesting company.  But we could sure use some snakes”?

I wanted to tip my hat to the young entrepreneur driving the car.  He didn’t wait for a market to come to him; he created a market where we didn’t know we needed one.

Think Steve Jobs.  He didn’t ask his customers to tell them what they wanted; he told them.  This is the stuff of thought leadership.  These people set the bar and then tell us where it is.

The reptile entrepreneur was alert to opportunities, but often we’re not.  I don’t suggest he’ll make a fortune at this initiative or challenge Jobs for a place in business books, but it gave me pause.

How many opportunities do we pass by every day because we dismiss the ideas before they even germinate?  How often do we let our own limiting beliefs restrict our chances for success?  How often do we poison our own futures with negative thoughts and self-doubt.

Arguably, most of these opportunities will be non-reptilian in nature, but we can learn much from this young snake handler.

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