Six Steps to Maximize a Career Transition

By Bob Rausch, Ph.D.

You may be familiar with the adage: “No pain, no gain.” However, it’s difficult to believe that idea when you’re caught in the middle of a difficult career transition. That’s when you want to know if you will ever work again. Knowing how to manage perplexing thoughts and feelings is critical. You won’t receive the greatest benefit from a transition until you can do that. Use the following six steps to not only survive, but maximize, your next career transition:

  1. Get Your Attitude Right – Accept that the overall purpose of a transition is to strengthen your character. Just like a weightlifter adds more weight to develop stronger muscles, a transition produces resistance that helps strengthen personal confidence and determination.
  2. Be “On Purpose” – Being on purpose means that you clarify what specific purpose the transition serves in your life. For example, are you going to be a stronger leader, more sensitive to the needs of others, or know how to handle difficult challenges more effectively?
  3. Believe in someone or something bigger than you – It’s important that you believe in someone or something bigger than you. Some people focus on their faith in God, while others focus on their overall vision for their life.  Both of these mindsets deflect attention away from the circumstances of your situation and focus on prevailing through your transition.
  4. Create outrageous goals – The best time to develop extremely bold goals is during a transition. For example, you may decide to write a book, climb a mountain, or get in the best shape of your life. What you focus on is what you get!
  5. Surround yourself with energizing people – Choose to associate with people who use their energy in a positive way. Energizing people are encouraging and supportive. In contrast, stay away from energy “vampires” who drain your life by focusing on the negative.
  6. Reach out to others – When you are in a transition, reaching out to those in need is great medicine. It takes your mind away from difficult circumstances and helps you feel good about touching other people’s lives.


The Energy Doctor’s Prescription:

If you’re struggling in a job transition, get a rubber band that’s large enough to put on your wrist. Each time you begin to feel fear, anger, or a draining thought, pop your wrist with the rubber band. This simple exercise will help you refocus your attention on more positive thoughts and feelings. Part of winning the mental battle is recognizing the negative patterns playing in your mind. Use the rubber band as often as needed to help create a new mindset about maximizing your transition.

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