Sites for Innovation

By Tom Kellen

Happy 2010 to one and all!  Since this year’s focus for the PDUs2Go “Special Editions” is “INNOVATION to IMPLEMENTATION” I thought I would mention a couple of web sites I look to for information on Innovation.

As you can probably tell, I am a total geek, and as such I love my techie toys.  One site that I keep an eye on to see what new things are coming down the technology pipeline is Engadget.  Here you will find the latest scoop on everything from cell phones & laptops to high definition TV.  While you may or may not find something directly on this site that will help you with managing your projects, I do believe that checking in sometimes and looking at how others are innovating can spark ideas for you.

Another similar site is Gizmodo.  You will find all kinds of tech and toy articles here with plenty to spark your imagination.

The last site I suggest you take a look at is LifeHacker.  What’s great about this site is that it offers not only techie articles, but articles with hints and tips on how do all different kinds of things in your life.  I am certain that you will find things here that will directly assist you in managing your projects.  Here’s a couple of article titles on today’s LifeHacker: Banish Up to 350 Extra Calories a Day with a Tap of Your Foot”, “Run Effective, Google-Style Meetings by Focusing on Data, Not Politics”, “How Can I Defog My Car Windows Quicker?”. I am certain that you will find something here that will enrich your project or personal life.

Best wishes for a Prosperous and Productive New Year!

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