Reminding Recalcitrant Colleagues

By Tom Kellen

Have you ever been on one of those projects with some colleagues who just can’t seem to remember deadlines? Me too, and I’ve just found a site that just may help,

Let’s say I’m working on this project where I’ve got 18 people who are supposed to get me something every month on the 1st of the month, but many of them just can’t seem to remember to get it to me on time.  Now I could spend hours writing e-mails reminding, reminding and reminding, or I can use  With LetterMeLater, I can spend just a few minutes setting up a reminder e-mail, address it to the whole team, and then tell LetterMeLater when to send the messages.

I can set up recurring e-mails that go out just before the due date for the entire year!  With just a few minutes on LetterMeLater, I’m done with my reminders for the year.  You can use dates like, tomorrow, two weeks from now, etc.  You can even use attachments, html for rich content, everything you need to keep your team up to date!

Take a quick trip over to and check it out.  Maybe it will take one chore off  your check list.

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