Psychology of Champions

By David Ryback, Ph.D.

Hi, my name is Dr. David Ryback, an expert on winning with the focus edge of super-athletes, co-author of Psychology of Champions, with over 10 years of experience in consulting with clients such as the National Football League, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, RTM (owners of the Arby’s chain), Eaton’s of Canada, as well educational institutions such as the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, McGill University and many others.

As a child growing up in Montreal, Canada, home of the historically renowned Montreal Canadiens hockey team, I was a passionate fan.  I followed every game, had my own card collection of all the team players, and tried to mimic their moves as I played on the ice at the community park during the cold Canadian winters.  Many years later, I had the opportunity to deal with the family of one of the greatest hockey players in the world—Gordie Howe of Detroit Red Wings fame.  What he shared with me changed my view of how success could be attained, whether in sports or in any other endeavor, including business.  Interviews with many other super-athletes in all major sports led to the publication of Psychology of Champions, on which this course is based.

Today, in this course, we will cover a special topic that will help you to manage your projects more effectively than ever by learning how to focus on the essentials of success in whatever your projects entail.  You’ll learn how to become more successful with your projects by:

  • Driving for perfection in process rather than results
  • Separating Big Goals from Little Goals
  • Understanding the 10 Points on Winning with Motivation
  • Understanding the 10 Points on Winning with Confidence
  • Understanding the 10 Points on Winning with Concentration

The purpose of today’s material is to support the overall theme of success in project management.  Your growing familiarity with the psychology of champions will enable you to delegate and manage more effectively as you learn how to win with the focus edge of super-athletes—how to groom skills at successive levels, excel within one’s known limits, enjoy the success of the moment, earn self-confidence, why “being in the zone” is so important, learn the difference between broad and narrow fields of attention, and the magic of visualization techniques.

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