Productivity Tips You Need To Know

by Pamela A. Scott

I just got back from three days of workshops led by people who are very successful in their fields.  Here are some words of wisdom that may help you and me reach their level of success.

1. Use a spreadsheet to capture ideas of the moment while you are working on other projects.  This is how it works for Jeanette Cates.  She cuts down on distractions by having a spreadsheet file on her desktop. When she is working on a project and gets a thought about a different project, she flips over to the spreadsheet file and notes the idea.  At the end of the day, she reviews the ideas she captured and plugs them into her schedule.

2. Use spreadsheets to keep your lists on.  One page is your daily to-do lists, another page is your daily tasks, another can be improvements you need to make to the filing system, and another sheet is reserved for expenses.

3. If you do an activity three or more times, automate it. Create a template for that type of report to speed you up the next time you prepare one.  Or go to sites such as or and find a software geek who can create a simple program for you to automate the task.

4. Each day set three goals that you can accomplish in 10 minutes of concentrated time.  Then just do them—in the 10 minutes you set aside for the tasks.  This builds muscles so you can take action.

5. Make action a habit!

6. Make 1-minute decisions!

7. Great question: Why am I not as successful as I want to be?

8. If you have 10 things that you’re doing, stop 9 of them.

9. Capture your ideas by calling on This really cool site gives you your own phone number that you can call and leave a message on—such as reminders to call Bill and changes that need to be made to a plan. Jott then transcribes the message and emails it to you.

Google Voice will be coming out soon. It also provides a host of services to link email and voicemail and transcription services.

10. Want to save a few keystrokes when entering a URL? Type the main word, such as “Google,” then hit Control + Enter. That will add the “http://www” and “.com” to your entry.  Saves you a few keystrokes.

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