Precious Present….PM Vitamin C6

by MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

During this Holiday Season of special-blessings, selfless-sharing and gift-giving, Project Managers’ precious present of PM Vitamin C6 will be enthusiastically and gratefully received by project, program and portfolio stakeholders!

PM Vitamin C6 encompasses the effective application of the following, critical leadership skills to ensure project and program success:

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Cooperation
  4. Consensus
  5. Commitment
  6. Celebration

The effective project manager acknowledges the importance, recognizes the value and promotes continuous implementation of the following critical components of PM Vitamin C6

  1. Communication – Process of imparting knowledge or the interchange of thoughts, opinions or information.
  2. Collaboration – Process of effectively and willingly working with another.
  3. Cooperation – Process of assisting another or acting together for a common purpose or benefit.
  4. Consensus – Process of compliance with or yielding to, a majority opinion.
  5. Commitment – Process of pledging to a position, or immersing or engaging oneself in an activity.
  6. Celebration – Process of observing or commemorating an event with ceremonies or festivities.

Throughout the life-cycle of the project or program, the experienced project manager continually gives mega-doses of PM Vitamin C6 to all stakeholders, the critical contributors to project and program success.

Stakeholders include but are not limited to the following positions. Recognize that actual stakeholders, their titles, roles, responsibilities and deliverables may vary within an enterprise or specific organization, as well as vary within unique projects and programs.

  • Executive Committee: Selects Strategic Initiatives 
  • Executive Sponsor: Champions the Project or Program.
  • Project/Program Advisors: Provide PM Subject Matter Expertise.
  • Project/Program Sponsor: Provide Client/End-User Single Point of Contact.
  • Functional Managers: Provide Business, Industry and/or Process Knowledge.
  • Resource Manager or Management: Responsible for Effectively Staffing Projects and Programs.
  • Project/Program Team: Human Resources Performing Implementation Tasks for the Project or Program.
  • Project/Program Management Office (PMO):  Promotes and Supports Optimum Project and Program Performance.
  • Project/Program Managers: Individuals Ultimately Responsible for Effective and Successful Delivery of High Quality Products and Services.

The proficient project manager applies the tools and techniques, of the following PM best practices (from the PMI Standard: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, or The PMBOK® Guide), to effectively give the gift of PM Vitamin C6 to all stakeholders.

  1. Communication: Identify Stakeholders, Plan Communications, Distribute Information, Report Performance.
  2. Collaboration: Define Scope, Create WBS, Define Activities, Estimate Activity Duration, Estimate Costs, Develop Schedule.
  3. Cooperation: Develop HR-Plan, Plan Procurement, Plan Quality, Perform QA, Perform QC, Identify Risks, Perform Risk Assessment, Plan Risk Response.
  4. Consensus: Develop HR-Plan, Direct and Manage Project/Program Execution,
  5. Commitment: Acquire Project/Program Team, Develop Project/Program Team, Monitor and Control Project/Program Work.
  6. Celebration: Manage Project/Program Team, Report Performance, Close Project/Program.

Your precious present, the gift of PM Vitamin C6 promotes and sustains optimum project and program performance; as well as Peace in the Kingdom of your Stakeholders!

 —- Holiday Blessings —-

Note:  For additional information, as well as effective tools and templates to proficiently and successfully implement PM best practices, give yourself a present, the gift of PM Vitamin C6.

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