Polish Your Performance-Diamond®

By MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

At this time, in this economic climate, perhaps more than ever, it is necessary to make your capabilities as well as those of your organization SHINE…so you must polish your PERFORMANCE DIAMOND®.

To enhance your performance, you must possess the knowledge required to optimally perform the tasks of your profession. Organizations must also provide associates with knowledge of enterprise specific products and services as well as the required life-cycle functions associated with successful delivery of those products and services.

You must continuously

  • Deploy methods and procedures to effectively and efficiently perform required processes;
  • Apply standard processes and technologies to promote consistent and repeated performance that optimizes both your productivity and the quality of your deliverables; and
  • Retain and sustain professional expertise that is recognized, recruited and rewarded!

To optimize your performance, optimize the critical dimensions or facets of the PERFORMANCE DIAMOND®: KNOWLEDGE, PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY and PROFESSIONALISM.

  • Acquire and impart KNOWLEDGE:
    • Knowledge to effectively and successfully perform the functions and tasks of your profession and job;
    • Knowledge to successfully deliver quality products and services; and
    • Knowledge to satisfy your customer requirements and meet or exceed their expectations.
  • Develop and deploy PROCESSES:
    • Methods and procedures to promote innovative solutions
    • Methods and procedures to ensure quality outputs; and
    • Methods and procedures to enable proficient performance
  • Apply and promote TECHNOLOGY:
    • Tools and techniques to enhance communications, cooperation and collaboration;
    • Tools and techniques to promote efficiencies; and
    • Tools and techniques to optimize productivity.
  • Attain and sustain PROFESSIONALISM:
    • Expertise in your chosen profession;
    • Certification in your professional discipline; and
    • Experience in various industry sectors.

Seize the opportunity now to proactively address and enhance your capabilities in these critical dimensions… the facets of the PERFORMANCE DIAMOND®.

You will ensure your survival and success in any economic environment by being

  • Armored to face the challenges of a repressed economy;
  • Equipped to embrace the opportunities of a recovering economy; and
  • Enabled to obtain and sustain the rewards of a growth economy.

Make yourself and your organization SHINE….

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