PM – S M I L E

By MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an act of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”   Blessed Mother Teresa Founder, Missionaries of Charity Calcutta, India

As encouraged by this quote, continuously give the gift of S M I L E to your project and program stakeholders… STRATEGY, MILESTONES, IMPLEMENTATION, LEADERSHIP and Empowerment… and ensure a successful project and program engagement, as well as positive, enjoyable stakeholder experiences.


Clearly, succinctly and unambiguously define the outputs and tasks for your PM engagement:

  1. Produce the comprehensive Deliverables Diagram® that includes all required and expected outputs for the three critical project and program environments:
    1. Business Management Deliverables to comply with enterprise policies and guidelines
    2. Product and Services Deliverables to meet project and program functional specifications and performance expectations
    3. Project/Program (PM) Management Deliverables to effectively, efficiently and successfully manage the engagement.
  2. Produce the comprehensive and integrated Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to define the work effort that is required to produce interim and final deliverables for each of the three critical project and program environments.


Clearly, succinctly and unambiguously convey the status and progress of your PM engagement.

  1. Use Earned Value Management (EVM) and Earned Value Analysis (EVA) to
    1. Provide current, objective status of the project or program Scope, Time and Cost,
    2. Assess progress and estimate future performance, and
    3. Identify and implement required performance enhancements.


Optimize stakeholders’, especially team members’, performance, by addressing the four facets of the Performance Diamond®.

  1. Knowledge: Ensure team members and other stakeholders know what they are expected to produce and how to perform their required delivery tasks.
  2. Process: Provide methods and procedures that facilitate, (and do not frustrate) productivity, and enable delivery of quality outputs.
  3. Technology: Ensure all recommended tools enhance performance; and that effective tool-training is provided.
  4. Professionalism: Allocate human resources to optimize use of their capabilities, as well as provide opportunity to enhance their professional experiences and expertise.


Continuously provide mega-doses of PM Vitamins C6® to optimize overall performance of project and program stakeholders.

  1. Communication: Accurate, timely and concise dissemination of project and program information.
  2. Cooperation: Stakeholders encouraged and willing to support and assist each other’s work effort.
  3. Collaboration: Opportunities for team synergy as well as the desire to work together to create strategy, produce plans, solve problems and implement solutions.
  4. Commitment: Success-focused performance, through uninterrupted and dedicated effort to project or program work.
  5. Consensus: Mutual concurrence and agreement to project and program strategy and implementation plan.
  6. Celebration: Recognizing successful delivery of quality products and services, as well as acknowledging positive impact on project and program performance and success.


Continuously enable and facilitate optimum performance and effective decision-making through an Empowering management style.

  1. Situational Leadership: Supervise with a DIRECT, COACH, SUPPORT or DELEGATE approach based on the team member’s specific need… the person’s level of knowledge and experience.
  2. Management by Exception: Limit escalation requirements and enable team members and other stakeholders to make all of the decisions required to produce their specific, assigned deliverable EXCEPT in the following situations:
    1. The decision negatively impacts the current, approved Scope, Time and Cost of the project,
    2. The decision compromises the quality of deliverables,
    3. The decision expects or requires additional or revised work-effort from another person or group, or
    4. The decision conflicts with or compromises enterprise policy.


Experience the power of a PMS M I L E….Continuously S M I L E throughout your project or program life-cycle.

And as you realize the benefits of this gift your stakeholders will truly have reason to smile as well!

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