Personality Effect on Negotiations

By Mark Jankowski

SpockThe most effective negotiators are those who understand and adapt to the personalities of the people with whom they are negotiating.  In our programs, we discuss four basic negotiation personality types: Extrovert, Pragmatic, Analytic and Amiable.

Extroverts for instance, like to talk a great deal, tell stores and move quickly.  Don’t give this person a 700 page detailed analysis substantiating your position.  The Extrovert will not take the time to read it.  To reach the Extrovert, you must speak his or her language.  (i.e. tell stories, be full of energy and do not get bogged down in details).

Analytics on the other hand immerse themselves in details.  Analytics are extremely cautious and fear making a mistake.  Remember, when dealing with Analytics give them plenty of information and enough time to make a decision.  If you still have that 700 page analysis, now is the time to use it.

Pragmatics do not need much time.  They like to cut to the chase.  Some people mistakenly characterize Pragmatics as “great” negotiators because they always try to destroy the other side.  The problem with the Pragmatic however is that their “Win-Lose” style may gain the short-term victories, but it fails to help them build long-term relationships.

Amiables have no problem building long-term relationships.  They are excellent consensus builders and will go into negotiations seeking “Win-Win” results to satisfy everyone involved.  CAUTION:  Amiables should be careful, however, not to make excessive concessions in order to please the other side.



Rodney Dangerfield in “Caddyshack”


Mr. Spock in “Star Trek”


Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street”


Tom Hanks in “Forest Gump”

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