Outrageous Ideas

by Lakecia Carter, PMP

Outrageous IdeasWhen was the last time you had an outrageous idea? Some call it thinking “outside the box”. Outrageous is defined as “exceeding the limits of what is usual”. The reality is that it will take “outrageous” thinking to champion change. Outrageous ideas usually begin with statements like, “We’ve never done this before” or “ I can’t believe we are going down this path”. It is expected that outrageous thinking causes anxiety and fear. Unleashing the power of creativity and imagination can be bittersweet. You experience fear and excitement all at once. As an innovative leader, there are 3 things you need to do to be outrageous:


It takes authentic passion to light the fire and keep it burning through the end. You have to be the biggest supporter, without wavering. This is a tall order, so make sure you are willing to take it on. If it fails, just make sure you fail fast!

Know What You’re Getting Into

Passion and zeal alone won’t get results. You need knowledge, wisdom and courage to execute successfully. Calculate the risks and rewards. You need to articulate a compelling vision to those around you.

Start Somewhere

Start small, learn and adapt, then scale. What you don’t know, you will figure it out. If you are building a bridge or a major aircraft, this doesn’t apply to you! For the rest of us, we need to plan effectively, but adapt to change. You won’t be able to anticipate every possible scenario before moving forward. If the team is solutions focused, they will be prepared to address any issue when (not if) it arises.

True innovation requires you to take the lid off. You can’t free others to think outrageously if you aren’t free yourself! Give yourself and others permission to be outrageous and see what a difference it makes!

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