Navigating the Seas of Change

By Lakecia Carter, PMP

CompassWe can all agree on one simple truth: Change is inevitable. As we ride the waves of change, we will encounter calm winds one day and tumultuous winds the next. Nevertheless, we must lead effectively through the change. As a Project Manager, it can be tough – especially when you feel as though your ship is sinking! But today, remind yourself of the value you and your teams bring. Recognize that you have everything you need to be successful. If you feel as though you are sinking or shipwrecked, here are 3 reminders to steer your ship in the right direction:

You need Courage!
First, it takes courage to overcome the natural fear of change. If you accept change and embrace it, you will find it easier to manage. This is not easy nor does it happen overnight, but you have to face it head on.

You need a Compass!
A compass is what you need for direction. Create a vision for a successful destination. Share your vision with the team. Remember, a vision without a plan is a dream. A plan without a vision is a nightmare! 

You need Confidence!
A positive outlook can make a huge difference. If the captain of the ship is fearful, negative and frantic on the journey, it will have a negative effect on the passengers and the staff. Be realistic, yet optimistic and make the best out of the situation!

Whether you are sailing, sinking or shipwrecked, you can still make a difference! You need a winning strategy for managing change. Make sure you have Courage, a Compass and Confidence and you will be successful without a doubt! Whatever change you face today, it is your opportunity to change the course for the better. Go ahead, you can do it!

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