“Moving from Threat to Opportunity”

By Lakecia Carter, PMP

unlocking doorWhat is the difference between those who embrace innovation and those who don’t? Perspective. Innovation can be perceived as an opportunity or a threat. The opportunity perspective inspires collaboration, creativity and positive energy. The threat perspective creates internal conflict, disengagement and negative energy. In this article, I want to deal with the latter of the two. Although it may not be revealed, sometimes we can view innovation as a threat rather than an opportunity. Here are three things that can help us change our perspective:


Perception is reality, but when it comes to innovation, it is important to separate the two. We must acknowledge the truth about our feelings, but we can’t allow feelings to rule. Change is not always easy and there are risks and concerns that need to be addressed. Let’s bring solutions along with the concerns.


Sometimes the root of our perspective may be fear of failure or fear of losing our security because it’ is unknown territory. Knowledge will help us overcome our fears. By having the facts, we can assess the situation and make informed decisions. This will make us better equipped to adapt to the change.


When the train leaves the station, we don’t want to be left behind!  Being onboard does not mean to agree with everything or be a doormat. It means that we see the big picture and we are committed to moving forward, even though it will require sacrifice.

Although it may not be easy, we can change our perspective from threat to opportunity and help others to do the same. The formula is simple: Get real, get knowledge and then get onboard…Opportunity is waiting!

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