Memorable Management Maneuvers

By MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

Reflect upon the “best manager” you have had during your career thus far…

What are those special attributes, behaviors, characteristics or capabilities that you most admired about that person?

Having asked this question, innumerable times, of project and program managers,  their various responses actually fall into these three (3) categories or capabilities:

  1. “Positive” Attitude
  2. “Great” Communications
  3. “Never-Doubted” Success

As we explore the techniques and tactics or maneuvers that promote these three capabilities, it becomes evident that project and program management (PM) best practices facilitate, enhance and enable these Memorable Management Maneuvers.

  1. “Positive” Attitude: Success is the Intelligent Use of Mistakes!
    1. Solution-focused… not blame-based… issues management and problem resolution.
    2. Optimized team-synergy to develop and revise the PM-Plan and to effectively and efficiently produce project and program deliverables.
    3. Implemented PM Lessons-Learnedto enhance performance…
      1. Thomas Edison tried more than two thousand (2,000) experiments before he succeeded to make the lightbulb.hen a reporter asked him how it felt to fail so many times, he responded: “I did not ever fail… I just discovered two thousand ways not to make a lightbulb. “
    4. Applied “problem-solving” techniques… the “win-win” approach…for effective conflict management among diverse individuals and teams
  2. “Great” Communications: Effective oral and written communiqués that provide succinct, timely and unambiguous information.
    1. Knowing when to speak and perhaps more importantly, knowing when not to speak and to attentively listen.
    2. Using PM outputs… Deliverables Diagram, PM-PLAN with the comprehensive Product., Business-Management and Project Management deliverables-based WBS , EVM Reports… to effectively and efficiently convey mission, objectives, implementation-strategy and progress information.
    3. Conducting agenda-specific and proficient stakeholder meetings that:

i.    Celebrate the successes to date,

ii.    Resolve the issues preventing productivity and progress; and

iii.    Mitigate the risks to successfully completing upcoming tasks as planned.

3.   “Never-Doubted” Success: Expect and enable project and program success, as well as optimum individual and team performance.

    1. Applying Situational Leadership”… Directing, Coaching, Supporting, Delegating… to assign work and promote effective, efficient and proficient performance.
    2. Optimizing the PERFORMANCE DIAMOND®… Knowledge, Process, Technology, Professionalism … to resolve individual and team performance problems and issues.
    3. Using Exception Management to acknowledge and trust associates’ capabilities; as well as to minimize escalation of decisions and optimize resolution of issues and problems.

Assess your own management style and behaviors…

Be sure you are implementing PM best practices to optimize your management capabilities; and ensure your “POSITIVE” Attitude, your “GREAT” Communications, and your “NEVER-DOUBTED” Success.

Your stakeholders and team members may then one day reflect upon your

Memorable Management Maneuvers!

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