by MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

Tis May … ‘Tis May … The  Merry Month of May !!!

PMP managementMerriment:…   shared delight… shared gaiety … shared exultation … shared enthusiasm … shared jubilance …. shared  vivacity … shared  pleasures ….

Imagine your enriched management experience when all stakeholders sustain merriment throughout the life-cycle of the project or program!

Mission Impossible????  …. Not really!!!!

Proficient   – (i.e.: effective and successful)  – Project and Program Managers readily acknowledge a critical component of project and program success to be  stakeholder merriment.

All stakeholders … client, customers, end-users, contractors, management, vendors, the PMO, implementation-team, et al. … must continuously be delighted and enthusiastic about the project or program to perform optimally throughout the project or program life-cycle.

The Project or Program Manager must therefore, continuously promote, facilitate and ensure stakeholder merriment!

An effective technique is providing mega-doses of PM Vitamin C6Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, Commitment, Consensus and Celebration… to all stakeholders.

To inspire, encourage and facilitate unique and diverse individuals, as well as groups, to effectively and efficiently work together and ultimately optimize their performance and results, implement PM best practices to ensure mega-doses of PM Vitamin C6.

PM Vitamin C6 requires effective application of Project/Program Management leadership skills to implement the following critical processes:

  • Communication:  Process of imparting knowledge as well as the effective interchange of thoughts, opinions or information.
  • Collaboration: Process of effectively and willingly working with another to achieve a common goal or to solve a problem.
  • Cooperation: Process of willingly assisting another for a common purpose or benefit.
  • Commitment:  Process of pledging to a position, or immersing or thoroughly engaging oneself in an activity.
  • Consensus: Process of compliance with or yielding to, a majority opinion.
  • Celebration: Process of observing or commemorating an event with ceremonies or festivities.

Diligently applying PM best practices to engage all stakeholders, enables and facilitates effective implementation of PM Vitamin C6 … and implementing PM Vitamin C6 promotes stakeholder merriment!


PM Vitamin C6

PM best practice to Engage Stakeholders

[PMBOK® Knowledge-Area Sub-processes]

Communication Identify Stakeholders;

Plan Communications;

Distribute Timely Information;

Succinctly Report Progress & Performance

Collaboration Define Scope;

Create the Deliverables-based WBS;

Define Activities;

Estimate Task Duration;

Estimate Costs;

Develop Schedule

Cooperation Develop Human Resource Plan;

Plan Procurement; Plan Quality

Identify Risks; Assess Risks; Plan Risk Response

Commitment Create he bodacious WBS;

Perform Quality Assurance (QA);

Perform Quality Control (QC);

Acquire Project/Program Team;

Develop Project/Program Team;

Monitor & Control Project Work

Consensus Define Scope;

Create the bodacious  WBS;

Direct & Manage Project Execution

Celebration Report Performance;

Perform Lessons Learned;

Close Project/Program

Integrate PM best practices and PM Vitamin C6

Experience merriment….

The jubilance and exultation of Project and Program success!

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