Making a Difference – Living an Extraordinary Life

By Mac M. Martirossian, CPA

Have you ever noticed how ordinary our lives seem at times?  I am reminded of it when I am around extraordinary people.

Anisio is blind, which does not preclude him from being on a transoceanic flight to Germany, to attend a conference by himself, to represent the Agency where is employed.  Kevin has cerebral palsy and cannot talk and just recently began freeing himself from the confines of a wheel chair, to graduate with honors from his high school.   David is autistic and has mustered the will to join a Toastmasters chapter to improve his communication skills.  All three have a unique trait—the courage to be different.  We might see them as individuals with disability.  They see their situation as an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the rest of us.

Making a Difference mandates establishing a higher standard of performance.  Some interpret getting through the day as the bar for measuring their performance.  Unfortunately, getting what we have been charged with doing is vastly different from adding value.

We develop unique points of differentiation when we improve our performance in a tangible, measurable way.  In this economy, it would be wise to define our net worth by our output being significantly better than our own past performance and those of our peers.

Sadly, we all have the opportunity to make a difference, most of us being unencumbered with “disabilities”.  Yet we chose to live ordinary lives.

Place your performance and outlook under New Management and make a difference by keeping these three points in mind.

•    Replace expected performance standards with your own outstanding standards and execute to them.
•    Take an inventory of those around you and get inspired by the human spirit driving individuals with life challenges.
•    Count the number of times you have delivered a “wow” and multiply it several times over in the weeks ahead.

Live an abundant life that is extraordinary….and make a difference.

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