Lofty Leadership… Heighten Performance and Optimize Results

By MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

Successful Project and Program Managers acknowledge the benefits of LOFTY LEADERSHIP… the elevated leadership that heightens overall performance and optimizes project and program results.

Experienced project and program management (PM) professionals embrace and embody the critical behaviors of LOFTY LEADERSHIP; and effectively and proficiently apply the following PMtechniques to achieve LOFTY LEADERSHIP.




L – Listen Optimize the synergy of diverse and even remote individuals and teams. COMMUNICATIONS:

  • Provide opportunities that ensure everyone’s ideas are fearlessly, freely, honestly and openly expressed
  • Include time for each individual to speak at project or program meetings
  • When culture requires a more private approach, invite each person to write their idea, and collect input for a scheduled session to discuss data.
O – Organize Optimize human, material, equipment and budget resources. BASELINE PLAN:

  • Develop “implementation strategy”
  • Define “triple constraint”
  • Manage “baseline plan”


  • Define procedures, techniques and forms to manage/control Change, Contracts, Cost, Issues, Procurements, Quality, and Risk.
  • Ensure process documentation includes:
    • WHO participates in procedures
    • WHEN procedures are performed
    • HOW procedures are executed




F – Facilitate Optimize human resources performance. PERFORMANCE DIAMOND:

  • KNOWLEDGE: Ensure team members and other stakeholders know what they are expected to produce and how to perform their required product-delivery tasks.
  • PROCESS: Provide methods and procedures that facilitate productivity and enable timely delivery of quality products and services.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Ensure all required and recommended tools enhance performance, and tool-training is provided.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Allocate human resources to optimize use of their current capabilities, as well as provide opportunities to enhance their professional experiences and expertise.
T – Trust Optimize problem-resolution and decision-making. MANAGEMENT BY EXCEPTION:

  • Limit escalation of decisions.
  • Enable implementation team to make all decisions to perform their assigned tasks and produce their specific deliverables except in the following situations:
    • The decision negatively impacts the current, approved Scope, Time and/or Cost of the project;
    • The decision compromises the Quality of the deliverables;
    • The decision expects or requires additional or revised work-effort from another person or group; or
    • The decision conflicts with or compromises enterprise policy.
Y – Yield Optimize human resources’ experience and expertise. SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP:

  • Acknowledge individual and team current capabilities, knowledge and  performance.
  • Supervise with a Direct, Coach, Support or Delegate approach based on the specific need  of the individual or team …  their current level of experience and expertise

Experience the power of LOFTY LEADERSHIP

(diligently perform the critical behaviors and continuously  implement PM-techniques)

Heighten overall performance and Optimize project and program results!


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