Living the Steve Covey Way

by Drew Stevens, Ph.D.

I just discovered that the master of time management, Steve Covey recently passed.  He died from complications due to a bicycle accident that occurred in early April this year.

Of the many things that Mr. Covey left to me as a mentor were not necessarily just the 7 Habits his highly acclaimed work by one of the most prolific ideas from the book.  He stated if you want to lead a rich and fulfilling life what would be written on your tombstone.  Once you build your tombstone and/or eulogy work backward to begin your destiny and rewrite your goals.

It is safe to say that Mr. Covey led a very peaceful life as mentor and teacher.  While he was taken from us too soon, he led his life as he prescribed.

We have just one life to lead and with the numerous things we all deal with we have little time to work on ourselves.  It appears sometimes that as soon as we are born we are readying for death.  I suggest stop rushing through life, stop leading the life you hate, and start to make some changes.  Just like Covey what does it say on your tombstone, what do they say at your eulogy?  Don’t like it?  Rewrite the script.

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