Life’s Hurdles

By Drew Stevens, Ph.D.

I was a hurdler in High School (six school records) and College and after practicing and watching videos; the one thing I learned was to run through the obstacles. Rather than jump each one, my coaches simply stated to sprint through them as if they are simply bumps.

While I was running hurdles during my high school years, I also ran into some personal hurdles. I unfortunately had a mentally and physically abusive father. He often told me that I would not amount to much. Many times he told me that I was simply waste. To some this would represent degradation and depression; to me a challenge. I would not succumb to the folly of a bully.

We are all faced with obstacles in life- personal or professional. To overcome hurdles you must run through them as if they are not existent. Overcoming hurdles is easy if you create goals and seek a finish line. You have to become passionate and create action.

As I learned in High School what is important is the finish line not the obstacles around the track. You must run through your obstacles and focus on your end game. Create strategies that focus on the finish line, what you lack in guidance can be made up in concentration and conviction.

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