Let’s Get FIT!

By Lakecia Carter, PMP

When I was in elementary school, I remember my first lessons about nutrition! I loved coloring the Food pyramid. I also remember some of the healthy eating slogans too. One that I recall most is, “You are what you eat!” Some nutritionists believed that food affected one’s health and state of being. Some said that you could tell a lot about a person based on what foods he or she ate. I believe the same holds true for our intellectual and professional health!

We feed our minds everyday with loads of information from the Internet to water coolers, from TV to our Blackberry devices, just to name a few. We are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, with thousands of connections! My question is: What effect does this have on your intellectual and professional health? Have you checked your consumption habits lately? It’s time for a fitness checkup!

Here are 3 keys to get intellectually and professionally fit:

Eat a Balanced Diet –Balance in your life is not just about work. It’s spiritual, physical, mental, social and emotional. Make sure you are getting the right portions of each into your daily life.

Color your Pyramid – The Food Pyramid is designed to show you the recommended servings of foods you need. The good stuff is at the bottom (5-6 servings) and the junk is at the top (Use Sparingly). Do the same for your mind. Limit the amount of negativity you take in and maximize the positive. Spend most of your time and energy building on good things.

Eat in Moderation – Don’t ever over do it. Focus on quality, not quantity. Cut down on your portions and take time to enjoy and savor the information long enough to get the full value out of it.

My challenge to you today is to revamp your fitness program! Follow these tips and exercise your mind daily. I guaranteed you will see results! It’s your choice! Besides, you are what you eat!
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