Lessons Project Managers Can Learn from a Million Dollar Sales Representative

By Drew Stevens, Ph.D.

Typically, Project Managers and Sales People work in very different places within the organization. However, there is always much to learn from each other. Below are 7 suggestions on what it takes to be a million dollar sales representative. For a new perspective as a Project Manager, replace the sales person title with Project Manager. You are sure to see improvements in your Project Management career as well!

1.     Do your homework – Million dollar selling representatives understand issues that their potential clients face. They have a voracious appetite for information and constantly seek out content to comprehend client and competitive issues. They do offer to sell the client anything but rather communicate content that improves the potential clients competitive position.

2.     Community Development – Great sales people are constantly networking to meet new people. They know how to build community so they are seen and known.

3.     Referrals – The best sales agents understand that cold calling, script development and other fodder make for wasted time. Sellers attract community through referrals because of the value they provide.

4.     Customer Service – The differentiation in today’s competitive arena is customer service. Calls are returned when promised and sales professionals constantly engage with their most important asset.

5.     Passion – Enthusiastic sales agents constantly attract customers because of the joy and passion for their craft. They want to meet new individuals, are enthralled with their product and desire to tell all. Their commitment does not end on weekends or holidays.

6.     Self Mastery – Successful people always seek to improve. Constant learning is the key to their continued success. They voraciously read, research, listen to audio; whatever it takes to hone their craft and aid their client.

7.     Committed – Family, friends and other issues do not impede a successful selling professional. They work continuously to ensure they meet client commitments. Time is their most precious asset but they are not bound by hourly and weekend rules. Their work is cyclical rather than event based.

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