Legendary Leadership…Project Management Best Practices

By MaryGrace Allenchey, PMP

With all of the functions, procedures, tasks and processes expected of project and program managers, it is no wonder that there never seems to be enough time for proactive and effective leadership!… OR IS THERE ACTUALLY ENOUGH TIME?!*!?

Exploring “leadership” a bit further, and discovering it means to guide, show the way or be a compelling force, it now becomes clear that applying PM best practices not only promotes leadership, but LEGENDARY LEADERSHIP… Leadership that is renowned, celebrated, acclaimed, and worthy of imitating and repeating!

PM best practices effectively, efficiently and proficiently embraces and integrates all other management techniques and paradigms…

  1. MBO:     Management By Objectives
  2. TQM:     Total Quality Management
  3. MoR:      Management of Risks
  4. MBWA:   Management By Walking Around
  5. EMT:       Exception Management Techniques
  6. Et al

Therefore, by applying PM best practices, project and program managers are simultaneously providing effective LEADERSHIP.

PM deliverables enable project and program managers to be a compelling force on stakeholders’ thought, opinion and behavior, as exemplified in this matrix:

PM Deliverable Leadership… a compelling force to…
Initial Deliverables Diagram & Charter Steering Committee
Deliverables Diagram, Charter & Performance Reports Senior Management
Detail Deliverables Diagram, Plan (with WBS, PM-Controls, Budget & Schedule), Delivery of Products & Services and Performance Reports, Client, Customer,



Performance Reports ; Lessons Learned; Professional Development Enterprise Functional Managers,

Project/ Program Managers, Organization Associates

Diligently applying PM best practices and producing critical PM outputs / deliverables promotes proactive and effective leadership that positively impacts project and program success:

  1. Optimizes individual and team performance
  2. Enables quality management decisions and synergetic team decisions
  3. Enhances project and program progress

And worth celebrating, imitating and repeating …  PM best practices provides LEGENDARY LEADERSHIP

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