Learn to Be a Wise Ass…

By Jeff Justice, CSP

DonkeyBy this I mean a smart donkey! There’s a story about a farmer whose donkey fell into an abandoned dry well. Because it would cost too much to haul the donkey out, he decided to just fill it up with dirt, burying the animal and, at the same time, making sure such an event would never happen again.

But the donkey had other ideas about his fate. When the first shovelful of dirt hit his back, he shrugged his shoulders and shook it off. He did the same until a pile of fresh dirt lay at his feet — then he stepped up. Once the farmer realized what was happening was doing, he began shoveling with the goal of rescuing his donkey. It kept shrugging off the dirt and stepping up until it rose above its circumstances!

Another story about a donkey has really helped me. A farmer’s donkey did just about all the work on his farm. One day, a storm came up. The donkey was hit by a lightning bolt and died. A neighbor said, “That’s got to be the worst thing that has ever happened here.” The farmer said, “We’ll see….”

Well, it turned out not to be so bad. All his friends chipped in and bought him a younger, stronger donkey. The neighbor came back and said, “This has got to be the best thing that has ever happened to you!” and the farmer says, “We’ll see….”

The next week, his son was working with the donkey, when it kicked him and broke his leg. So the farmer had to do all the work by himself. His neighbor came back and said, “I told you that was going to be the worst thing that ever happened to you!” And the farmer replied, “We’ll see….” Two weeks later, the Army came through his village and drafted all the young men for a war — but they didn’t take his son because of his broken leg.

“We’ll see….” We never know, do we? I’ve had lots of experiences I thought were going to be negatives that turned into positives. And some positives flushed right down the toilet. You, too? Of course. The next time something looks like it’s going to be negative, what are you going to say? “We’ll see….” And if it looks like it is going to be positive? Say, “We’ll see….”

It’s a great idea, but will you use it? (Don’t say, “We’ll see….” Do it!)

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